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Funtastic Maths – Preschool

ISBN: 9789351660873
Publisher: Blossoms
Author: Pooja Jain
Pages: 92


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Funtastic Maths is an attempt to build strong foundation in preschool maths skills. It is a practical guide for teaching numeracy and other related concepts to preschool aged children. The concepts have been presented in a manner to help children to develop connections between mathematics and everyday life. When children are having fun, they keep doing whatever they are doing. This applies rightly to our curious kids who never stop experimenting with things around them. This program has been designed to teach maths to children in a playful and stimulating manner. Preschool maths lessons don’t have to be tedious. They should be taught through play and exploration, and should be made a part of everyday life.

Salient Features:

  • Thematic approach to explain the concepts and illustrations.
  • Child friendly activities for each topic for testing skills learned by our young learners.
  • Noteboxes provided at proper intervals for parents and teachers to enable the child experience numbers, counting and other mathematical concepts in a concrete way.
  • Activities like number stand, sticker pasting, rhymes and colouring to make children more open to learn mathematical concepts.


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