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I Can Do It – Preschool

ISBN: 9789351660743
Publisher: Blossoms
Author: NA
Pages : 108


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The PLAYMATE SERIES is a comprehensive learning program aimed at stimulating different areas of development in children that will help them maximise their potential in each area of skills.With this program, children will learn about early literacy and numeracy skills in a relaxed and interesting manner, using books, worksheets and doing activities that are appropriate for children of ages 3 to 5 years. Keeping in mind that too much formal learning at a young age can be detrimental to children’s development, we have designed the program with correct methods to lay a solid foundation for when children are ready to start formal studies.

Special features :

  • Activities to develop hand-eye coordination, visual comparisons and logical thinking.
  • dded notes for teachers and parents.
  • Activities to enhance creativity in children
  • Practice worksheets either to be worked at school or to be taken at home.
  • Sticker activities to save the teachers, parents and children from the hassle of cutting and spoiling their hands with glue.
  • Stickers, picture story stands, activity stands, puzzles and patterns all in one kit.


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