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Strings Of Life (A Collection Of Short Stories)

ISBN No. : 9789351664215
Publisher : Vidya Prakashan
Pages : NA


Strings of Life
Content : 
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!, The Jungle Needs A New Ruler!, Shortcuts Have Unbearable Consequences, Good Deeds Get You Good Rewards!, The Magical Honey, Every Action Has a Reason, Good Friends Are A Life Saver, Inner Peace Is the New Luxury, Good Behavior Attract Good Friends, Take Chances Together, Everything Is Possible, Hatred Makes You Miserable, Intention Justifies Your Action, The Taste of Mischief!, Selfishness Destroys Happiness, Echoes of Kindness.

About Boddhe
Boddhe is a cheerful, vivacious, a very hard working girl who loves to write and above all this, she is a kind human being. She studies in Grade 9th at B.D. Somani International School, Mumbai. She started writing as her hobby but her keen interest and beautiful visualization made her parents publish her work. This is her second book. Her first book ‘Once Upon A Time’ was liked vastly all over India especially by children. The massive love and appreciation encouraged her to write more.


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