The Knowledge Storm – 7

ISBN No. : 9789381816066
Publisher : Vidya Prakashan
Binding : Paperback
Pages : NA


This  book attempts to give your child a first hand knowledge of what surrounds us. Our ever changing ‘Knowledge Storm’ is a unique collection of ‘‘General Knowledge’’ written in a user-friendly language. The selection of content is an academic strategy and plan to achieve the intended outcomes among the learners through a number of well-structured lessons. The book is supported by latest picture-based information and preparing child in the fast changing world of tomorrow. To further support the knowledge, we have introduced a ‘Do You Know?’ column providing real facts. These real facts positively force children to remember the contents of the chapter more strongly. The language used in this series is simple and within the approach of the students. Throughout the entire book, the integrity and quality of information has been maintained.


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