VPML is a class apart from other publishers in the publication industry in terms of impeccable resources employed and the indigenous state of the art machinery and production facility employed for quality products. We aspire to set examples beyond expectations on all the fronts of life and serving humanity in the best possible way. We sincerely feel that we own social responsibility towards the society wherein we operate our day-to-day functions.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the outcome of serious and dedicated intent of VPML to transform the quality of life within the premises and in its surroundings. In our efforts to change paradigms in owning social responsibility, we have gone ahead and contributed on undeniable key issues.

This is a snapshot of our current projects:


Vidya GyanSukh is an initiative to give chance to pursue studies for the fourth class employees and their children. Schools in the nearby villages are being taken care of by the VPML by distributing free books, bags & stationeries for the students.


At VPML , we follow a philanthropic approach. Our Employees and staff visit the Orphanage and NGOs and share their joy by gifting their abandoned belongings and eatables. This effort develop in them a sense of compassion and a habit of giving. Our gift a smile program is an initiative to provide basic essentials to those who are deprived and develop in our people, a sense of giving.


As a part of our CSR policy, we regularly organize Camps like Blood donation, Eye Camp and many people are benefited by this gesture and by conducting this we as a group gets to contribute collectively on a very important health contingency. In our pursuit of excellence in all the fronts of life, we have gone ahead and associated ourselves with the various organization to organize such camps frequently.