Learn Forward is a Digital Learning App available on Computers (web) and Smartphones for students, teachers, and parents. It is developed to support school education with digital E-books, interactive exercises, test generator, assessment and many more for better understanding and a longer retention of the content

Learn Forward Software is an indigenous product developed by Digital Wing of Vidya Prakashan Mandir (P) Ltd. As schools continue to realize the involvement of Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones for better learning in the classrooms and beyond the boundaries of the schools, Apps become one of the major trend in education.

The learners of today are different and digital learning is a key to students long term success. Apps in schools can make students more interactive and activate better engagement between teachers and students.

How to Use

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LEARN FORWARD is a digital learning tool for smart learners. It simplifies learning and make it fun in the digital age. With our easy to access digital E-books explore anytime anywhere learning with additional voice chapter, animation, activities, puzzels and test generator that helps build our readers and learner a better understanding and a longer retention of the content.

  • It’s simple.
  • It’s Interactive.
  • It’s Fun.

Experience learning like never before from one of India’s Leading Digital Technology Provider Learn Forward !