Maxx Marks CBSE Question Bank Business Studies for Class 11

Publisher : Vidya Prakashan Mandir Pvt. Ltd.
Binding : Paperback
Pages :Na, Language : English

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Vidya Prakashan Maxx Marks CBSE Question Bank Business Studies-11

Vidya Prakashan Maxx Marks question banks are designed in a format to give you the exact idea of the board pattern and make you adapt to the questions as per the new style of examination. Thorough preparations with our question banks will give you the confidence for the boards and the board question papers will appear simple and easy. You will not only be able to attempt it successfully within the given time frame but also with full confidence and cheering spirits. Though we have conducted thorough revisions and a lot of care has been taken to keep our books error free yet in case you have any suggestion for further improvements feel free to drop a mail to us at our email or WhatsApp +91 8392907770. We hope you enjoy studying this book as much as we enjoyed creating it and this completely innovative exam material will help you carve your success story and we would be glad to play our part. Wishing you success in Board exams, Let’s welcome them without any fear. Happy Learning!

Key Features :

  • Focused Study – Previous years’ chapter-wise and topic-wise solved questions
  • Complete Practice – All typology of questions including objective for exams preparation
  • Self-Assessment – Five sample papers for practice and self-assessment
  • Strictly as per the new and revised syllabus issued by CBSE


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