What’s New in Maxx Marks CBSE  Question Bank Class 10 for CBSE 2024 Exam ?

Following Features considered Maxx Marks CBSE Question Bank to be best preparation books.

(1) New pattern Competency Based Questions based on latest examination pattern.

(2) All key parts are covered from competency based MCQs, Case/Source based MCQs, Case/Source based VSA, SA & LA to Case/Source based questions which are based on integrated learning. All of these are given in each chapter which will help students to get well versed with their dedicated subject preparations.

(3) Solved Paper 2023 is also incorporated for your ultimate reference.

(4) A pictorial concept to help students comprehend NCERT principles Designed in accordance with the most recent CBSE Syllabus of March 31, 2023, with a specific emphasis on New Pattern Questions, Important and Caution points to accompany simplified NCERT ideas.

(5) Chapter and category-specific questions and answers with knowledge and skill-based questions to thoroughly prepare each subject.

(6) Previous Years Board Question Papers Incorporated for well practicing and understanding.

(7) Chapter Summary for Quick and Easy Revision with answers to all MCQs are well explained.

(8) It has been developed to practise the most anticipated CBS Board Exams 2024 questions.·

(9) Comprehensive Practice with practice Questions & Solved paper 2023 provides Concept Clarity with Smart Mind Maps & Hints, Final Clarity with Concept Videos.”