the state of art machines

Printing Capability & Production Facilities

The state of the art machines are employed which are equipped with one colour, two colour and four colour arrangement capacity and are operated by experienced manpower who have the 24X7 production ability. All the facilities for plate making, cutting, binding and printing are in-house and under one roof.

Pan India penetration through a well-established network of 500 distributors which are a class of thoroughly professionally driven enterprises of their respective areas.
Span of
Printing By VPML
VPML proudly manages over 1200 Titles of the books, Question Banks, Resource Books, Nursery Books, etc. for Schools and professional courses. The best part is that all the respective books have successfully created a NICHE for them in their respective segments
World Class
Production Facilities
VPML has a crystal clear policy of following a rigorous procedure for quality and standards in the publication of all the books. All the books in the offering are written, designed and edited by domain expert and the proof reading is done under the able guidance of an experienced writer.
For Excellence
VPML’s proactive approach towards quality publishing is clearly marked by the employment of 350 experienced employees in different work specific areas. The physical evidence of VPML is defined by a geographic spread of over 25 acres of land in the fast evolving outer belt of Delhi-NCR. The production facility is well equipped to stock paper and the finished lot in the same premises.