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Choosing CAREER

Always remembering and boosting myself with a great a slogan;” Those who aim at the stars will surely rise higher”.

Though it is popular belief that a student must choose career according to ones liking and leaning, but, I believe that human mind is not shackled by any limitation. It can adept to any situation. Prakriti has not compartmentalized it nor has it tailored it to any specific character, but has evolved it to suit to any eventuality, natural inclination notwithstanding. There are many glaring examples in history to support this idea.
Lord Krishna: He was a warrior expert in all kinds of weapons and weaponry, a master strategist in warfare, a diplomat par excellence, a perfect yogi, a great expounder of philosophy, an accomplished flute player, a great spiritual lover and what not? Newton: he was a great mathematician, physics, astronomer, theologian and author. Leonardo da Vinci: known for invention, drawing, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, mathematics, physics, astronomy, as a theologian and author. Rabindra Nath Tagore: Nobel Laureate for his great verse Giitanjali, was a poet, musician, artist, philosopher, writer and story teller.
Thus, no career seeker should be discouraged if his/her liking is not fulfilled, but is forced to accept some other course or career. Sincerity, effort, patience and discipline will make one fit for the new path.
Another daunting confrontation is failure. Honestly. There are but a few lucky ones, who are all through successful. To my experience, failure is a spring board to success provided one has managed ones cool and patience. Starting with a first class with two distinctions in High School, a somewhat rare those days in forties of last century while ending with a third class in MSc, I had no chance of a career. Yet, pursued Civil services at both levels, Central as well as provincial, to the cajole of every one near to me! And lo! In second attempt qualified in CCS while in all the three given chances in PCS; four times rejected in interview (mainly because of low academic scorer); finally successful. Always remembering and boosting myself with a great a slogan;” Those who aim at the stars will surely rise higher”. Thus, I would only advise the young aspirants: discipline, perseverance and faith are invincible tools for sure success.
Regarding career of the future, what appears to me is that though we have made great strides in all branches of science, technology, medicine, IT and commerce, consequently made an all-round development, our standards of living having been astronomically risen but all beguiling us into believing great “progress” . In reality, it has created a massive negative reaction resulting in loss of peace, happiness, fulfillment all over. With the huge deficit in environment, pollution rising exponentially at all levels, this sorry state has given birth and impetus to diseases rarely know about a century before. Conventional medicine/surgery failing, the only hope for future is “back to nature”. Researches are abounding in this filed and it is my conviction that Natural Life-style and Nature Curer are going to be the future hope for man and pursuing this career will be the hall mark in coming days. Thus, my second advice would be to consider this career as a serious alternative.
Greed has no bounds, but surely, this career will not keep anyone wanting. On the contrary, it will prove to be Missionary, as well as fulfilling, lacking in other vocations.

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