Ethos of EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP in 21st century

We all are living in difficult and pressing times. With all the technological advancement at our beck, we appear to have been failing in the most basic departments such as our ecosystem, democracies and societies to begin with. If history is to be seen, we as a race have always depended on influential leaders to take us through the pressing time and while history is rich with such powerful leaders, we seem to be lacking in this area in the 21st century. The nations which are termed as superpowers are also not immune to the dated practices of leaderships leading to the demise of harmony of the states. So what does it take to be an effective leader in the 21st century? Read on to know my take on this.

Dignity for all- The pandemic has also opened our eyes to the class and divide we have created in the whole society. Any system with such stark differences is bound to collapse. All of us need to return to the basics where everyone can live with dignity. Taking away someone’s dignity or losing ones for whichever reason can cause irreparable chaos and damage. It is important to make sure everyone can live with dignity. It should be treated not as a goal but duty by the leaders to create a more balanced society.
Authenticity is the key-The term being authentic doesn’t only associate with speaking one’s mind but in a broader term applies to every aspect of the system including the principles stated above. Be it an organization, state or country, it’s time for us to be authentic to everything we speak, do and plan. We have to be increasingly authentic in our thinking and doings which will come from a deep cultural shift to every individual who belongs to the system. We often are quick at making decisions but are not authentic enough to follow through. Now is the time to
change that if we are looking at positively effective and influential leadership.
It is evident that the current leadership qualities are not viable towards building a wholesome society which is promoting the collapse of the whole system. It is the
need of the whole humanity for us to build our whole leadership based on these principles to avoid further collapse.

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