Exploring E-Learning Options – Web Resources, Apps and More

In a second to my series on E-Learning, let me take you on a journey to explore the plethora of resources, apps and tools that can facilitate you as teachers on this compulsive journey of providing online education. Most of us know of Google as a search engine and its next best product Gmail that millions of people use for email communication. But did you know that Google offers a variety of platforms to enable online learning! Yes, you heard that right. A simple search on Google Classroom will initiate you into creating virtual classrooms through an app on your phone. Google Classroom also allows you to use popular apps such as Classcraft (allows you to make class assignments interesting), Peer Deck (to seamlessly connect different devices) Quizzez (to conduct quiz in an online Classroom), and many more. Isn’t this a boon? Our good, old familiar Google right there for us during our time of need!
Another hugely popular app for conducting online classes is the Zoom mobile app. Primarily used as a video conferencing app, Zoom has created a mega support campaign for schools across US, India, Australia and New Zealand to enable online classrooms. They conduct free training sessions for teachers who have never held online classes before.

Web resources enable us to leverage the power of our community. Connect with educators across the world on Facebook groups such as Educator Temporary School Closure for Online Learning or Online Teaching Tips for the Plague-Averse.
Creating online lesson plans also goes a long way into successful completion of online learning outcomes. Your online lesson plans must include online transaction methods.
These could include ebooks, animated modules from YouTube or other providers, your own recorded video lectures or apps associated with Smart Class Learning in your school.

Apart from transaction methods, you will need to formulate a feedback and assessment mechanism online too. Apps such as Planboard allow you to easily create and share online lesson plans.
Online teaching and work-from-home is not a challenge anymore with the kind of resources that we have. Websites such as and Udemy have thrived into million dollar turnover companies by just providing online teaching in an effective way.

And probably the best way to be able to achieve excellence in online teaching is to become an online learner too. Attending online seminar (also called Webinars) is a great way to enhance not only your skills but also experience expectations of an online learner. Start with a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to understand from how leaders in the field of education make distance and online learning as effective as the traditional one.

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