International Labour Day

International Labour Day

International Labour Day is observed every year on 1st May to raise awareness about the struggles and the contributions of the workers and the working class to society.

The workers and the working class are the driving force of a country. They are the ones who do most of the work to initiate development. The nation and the state are built by its infrastructure, development and the economy.

The workers get down to the roots of things and start work at the basic level to initiate positive changes in the country and the world. Workers and the working class are extremely important as they are the backbone of a society.

History of Labour Day

In 1886, a large demonstration happened in America where the labourers demanded eight hours of work on a daily basis. However, soon the demonstration went out of hand and in Chicago lot of people got hurt. This incident came to be known as The Haymarket Affair. This incident marked the start of the International Labour Day. In 1889, a lot of socialist parties in Europe came together and decided to celebrate May 1 as International Labour Day. Since then, the special day has been observed every year on the same day.

Significance of Labour Day

International Labour Day helps us to recognise the contributions of the labourers and the working class in development of the society and the country. It also urges the labourers to learn about their rights. Labourers are often exploited, and it is important that they know their rights to protect themselves. It also urges people to come together to develop the working and living conditions of the workers.

This annual observance is a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for social justice and the crucial role that workers play in the fabric of our societies. By recognising the hard work and sacrifices of the labour force, we can collectively work towards a future where decent work and social justice are the cornerstones of a thriving global economy.

The theme of Labour Day

This year, the theme focuses on ensuring safety and health at work in a changing climate.

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