World Press Freedom Day 2024

World Press Freedom Day 2024

World Press Freedom Day is also known as World Press Day. The day is celebrated every year on 3rd May to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives. It is announced by the United Nations General Assembly on May 3rd  to spread awareness about the importance of Freedom of the Press in functioning, the information provided, and its significance and to awaken the government of its duty to uphold and respect the right to freedom of expression.

In December 1993, the UN General Assembly proclaimed World Press Freedom Day, following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. Since then, on 3 May, the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek has been celebrated across the world as World Press Freedom Day. The day act as a reminder to the governments of the need to respect their commitment to press freedom.

Thirty years later, the connection between the freedom to seek, impart, and receive information and the public good remains as pertinent as it was at the time of its inception. To commemorate this milestone, special events are planned during the World Press Freedom Day Conference, highlighting the enduring importance of this fundamental right.

The significance of World Press Freedom Day is to mark and highlight the importance of press freedom, ensuring public access to information and government respect for freedom of expression. It raises awareness of challenges like threats, violence, and censorship faced by journalists globally.

The day acknowledges journalists’ contributions, advocates for press freedom, emphasises government responsibility for a supportive media environment, and protects media independence, all while promoting public access to information and freedom of expression.

World Press Freedom Day 2024 is centred around the theme, ‘A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the Face of the environmental crisis.’

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