leadership and Organization Culture !!

leadership and Organization

Organizational viability goals can be attained on a daily basis with the help of strategy and culture, these are two powerful traits that help leaders to lead winningly.

Here, strategy clarifies the organization’s goals through formal logic and helps people associate with them. While Culture uses the value and belief systems to help the employees associate with the organizational goals as their own.

 There is a genetic similarity between an organization, its ethos, its product, and the leader behind it all.

Organizational Culture is nothing but a social hierarchy of any organization. Culture thus is responsible for shaping the attitude and behavior of the employees across the organization in the long run. We confidently say that leadership and culture are apparently linked with each other. Think about it. A leader primarily pushes cultural change and new cultural dimensions to align people to a similar goal. The leaders also possess the required influence to bring about the change in the organization’s culture and take steps accordingly.
However, one mistake most leaders make is to treat the culture as a secondary function to the business. Either let them go unmanaged or considered as the HR KRA.

There are different styles of cultures that one can develop within the organization. The leaders should be equipped to take this call after carefully understanding the whole organization’s makeup. In unprecedented times such as these, it becomes especially important and can help uphold the strategies.

Essence points to keep in consideration towards the progress of the organization.

  • Detailed Layout plan to create an opportunity to develop moral values of culture.
  • Culture is the defining factor and should be accepted, rejected, appreciated, or upheld at the organizational level.
  • Culture effectiveness increases multifold when it aligns with the personal values and beliefs of the employees.

Hence, Both Leadership and Organizational culture is the key essence for every working culture and this is directly associated with the achievements and growth of any organization.

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