Why SAFAL Program for Assessment is introduced by the National Education Policy(NEP) 2020 ?

National Educational Policy NEP (2020)

Truly recommends transforming the assessments system to promote development of students and suggests a shift from testing rote memorization to competency-Based learning. To map progress throughout school year, NEP proposes annual school examination for all students in grade 3, 5, and 8 for testing core concepts, application of knowledge and higher order thinking skills.

SAFAL (Structured Assessment For Analyzing Learning)

SAFAL levels will ensure progress throughout school by providing relevant diagnostic information about students learning to schools and thus  support schools education to move towards competency Based Education. 

CBSE has strictly invites all schools to participate in SAFAL. Measurement of student learning outcomes is important for improving quality of education. Information gathered after student assessment can help student and educators to choose next level in the education process. Two kind of assessment of student learning can be formative to give feedback to learners and teachers on their skills and progress.

@ Individual assessments for students.

@ System-level assessments or evaluations for schools, regions, or national education system.

The Key Feature of Assessment

  • Test Core Concepts and move away from rote learning.
  • Assessment applicable for all government and private schools.
  • School level data will be shared for development of learning outcomes.
  • Report data to be used for continuous monitoring and improvement.

Why SAFAL for CBSE Schools?

SAFAL is the criteria of Assessment of CBSE Schools and Students learning Behavior.

  • Establish a formal protocol to collect valid and reliable data to chart performance on competencies at and below the grade level and Monitor progress.
  • School level performance on key competencies and proficiency levels can be used to measure effectiveness of a system through systematic monitoring and reporting of learning levels.
  • School managements and school systems can use data for targeting academic support and data based management.

Vidya Prakashan extreme contribution in developing and adhering book as per NEP. SAFAL will help teachers, students and the entire schooling system to continuously revise teaching learning processes to optimize learning and development for all students and school learning habits. SAFAL will be conducted on a pilot basis in CBSE Schools for students’ academic yr. 2021-2022 and for extended yrs.

For Grade 3 SAFAL, which includes Pilot assessment for language and Mathematics offered in the schools language of instruction for Hindi and English medium schools.

For Grade 5 SAFAL, which includes Assessment for language, EVS and Mathematics offered in the school’s language of instruction for Hindi and English medium schools.

For Grade 8 SAFAL, which includes assessment for language, Science, and Mathematics offered in the schools language of instruction for Hindi and English medium schools.

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